Gutter Cleaning

High Reach Gutter Cleaning System

We can now offer gutter clearing and also roof camera surveys for any of your developments or where the gutters are overflowing around the development due to leaves and other foreign bodies blocking the gutters.

We can attend any of your developments to clear out the guttering with our new Sky vac vacuum.

Difficult to perform, costly and risky traditional gutter-cleaning has been outclassed by Sky Vac’s innovative solution.

Over the years gutter maintenance has been carried out by using high ladders which also requires at least 2 engineers (one to foot and one to carry out the task), access all around the building and the engineers over reaching at high level.

This manual operation of gutter clearance is slow due to the engineers carrying out the works manually, dangerous due to high level works and also over-reaching.

Our Sky vac pole system also has a camera attached where we can carry take before and after pictures including video gutter inspections.

The Sky vac’s high-quality features include:

  • Reaches up to 40ft from ground without the need for ladders
  • Costs to hire expensive access plant are eliminated
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides a safer, cleaner, environment